Media: screening of short and medium-haul aircraft MS-21 is postponed to 2016

MOSCOW, December 22. The show of Russian short-medium range aircraft MS-21 is postponed to 2016. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, “promised before the end of 2015 the first show of Russian short-medium range aircraft MS-21 will not take place”.

However, the representative of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) Sergey Loktionov has declared that “the roll-out of aircraft – it is only a “symbolic event.” A “really significant point of the project report, indicating the passage of the next stage of creating an airplane – the first flight will take place, as planned, in 2016”.

Developer and manufacturer of the MC-21 is Irkut Corporation. Her spokesperson Elena Fedorova told, at what stage is currently assembling aircraft. “To complete Assembly of MS-21 aircraft to the finished fuselage remained attached to the wing only (any modern aircraft has one wing, which is divided into right and left parts). At the present time the installation of different systems inside the airplane, and at the production site of Irkut started the Assembly of the second aircraft MS-21”, – she explained.

The newspaper notes that this is not the first time duration of the project shifted to a later date. From the decision of the government dated 15 November 2014, which was amended in the penultimate version of FTP that to start sales (i.e., to receive funds on the first existing contracts) MS-21 is planned in 2017. Moreover, the first contract for the supply of aircraft, signed back in 2011, meant that the MS-21 aircraft will be delivered to the lessor “Aviakapital-service” during the period from 2017 to 2022.

Recent adjustments mean that the first delivery will take place only in 2018.