Medvedev: anti-crisis plan helped to neutralize the impact of external factors on the economy

Medvedev: anti-crisis plan helped to neutralize the impact of external factors on the economy

GORKI, December 22. The anti-crisis plan greatly helped to neutralize the impact of external factors on the Russian economy.

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This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on economic issues.

“I believe that the anti-crisis plan their task fulfilled. He allowed largely, not completely, but largely to neutralize the impact of external influences on the economy,” Medvedev said.

According to him, anti-crisis plan made it possible to concentrate economic resources on supporting the most vulnerable “spots” in the economy and in the social sphere. In addition, anti-crisis measures helped, to the extent possible, to support the process of import substitution, while maintaining the extremely low oil prices and renewed anti-Russian sanctions have yielded some positive results.

“For the implementation of the plan was carried out big organizational legislative work was adopted 170 decisions of the government, 15 Federal laws. Not all of what we discussed, was able to implement this year, some of the activities will go on next year, as part of the activities of a perennial nature”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

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In particular, according to him, within the anti-crisis plan needed was a mechanism of interest rate subsidies to the companies implementing the projects on import substitution, it was possible to maintain acceptable level of financing of innovative developments. In addition, measures for recapitalization of credit institutions allowed to support the banking sector, the outflow of deposits was replaced by inflow, sufficiently recovered, lending activity in the real sector of the economy, has also been running a programme of project financing, which has enabled us to maintain a number of investment projects at lower interest rates. Measures to support agriculture ensured a reasonable growth in this sector, which amounted to about three percent, said Medvedev.

Among anti-crisis measures, the Prime Minister also highlighted the promotion of lending for construction of affordable housing, as part of these measures has been allocated about 170 thousand mortgage loans at subsidized rate of over $ 300 billion.

Dmitry Medvedev said the influx of capital into the banking system and increase lending activity. “Measures for recapitalization of credit institutions has had a stabilizing effect on the banking sector, the outflow of deposits was replaced by inflow, has sufficiently recovered credit activity,” he said, opening the meeting on development of the economy.

According to the Prime Minister, in the framework of anti-crisis fee of the current year was able to save a considerable amount of support of real sector of economy and social sphere.

A number of measures of the plan will be finished next year

According to him, in General, the effect of the anti-crisis plan expires this year, its current task plan performed.

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“But this does not mean that we cease to operate for those areas that have been designated in the crisis plan. We focus on the development of individual sectors of the economy, the most important or the most vulnerable sectors, such as transportation engineering, civil construction, automotive industry, light industry, agriculture”, – said the Prime Minister. He believes that these industries have great potential – and in terms of import substitution, in the sense of the total effect they can bring.

Medvedev added that the government needs to adjust relevant programs and plans of development of branches of economy, to take decisions on amount of funding and implementation period, and to assess their impact on related industries. “Depending on how things develop, what will be our income, we to the question of how to decide which plans to adopt, will adjust, but it is the subject of a separate agreement”, – concluded the head of government.

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