Patrushev: the new edition of the national security strategy of the Russian Federation includes the path of radicalism

MOSCOW, December 22. Prepared by the security Council a new version of the national security Strategy of the Russian Federation provides for the path of radicalism and the threat of terrorism, said Russian security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

“The document spelled out ways to counter the spread of radical ideology, its promotion in the media, he said in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. – Stresses the importance of enhancing security against terrorist threats to critical infrastructure, individuals, society and the state in General”.

According to him, the document openly stated that the spread of terrorism, extremism, sectarian and ethnic hatred has led practice change legitimate regimes using the methods of “color revolutions” and “hybrid wars”. “The emergence and strengthening of influence of the terrorist organization, declared themselves the “Islamic state”, was the result of a policy of double standards, which some States adopt to combat terrorism, said Secretary of the security Council. The result of such irresponsible actions have been a perennial instability in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, war in Syria, the spread of weapons, organized crime, drug trafficking, and the systematic violation of the rights and freedoms of millions of people”.

About “defensive” character of NATO

Patrushev thinks about the words “defensive” character of NATO is just a cover for the aggressive nature of the Alliance. “The words of the leaders of some Western countries that NATO is a defensive Alliance created to ensure the security in the world, only covering the aggressive nature of the Alliance,” he said in an interview.

He noted that the threats related to the activities of NATO, represent a growing threat to Russia. “The desire to increase and modernize the offensive potentials, the deployment of new weapons, the creation of a global missile defense system, including around Russia, blurs the structure of global security,” stated Secretary of the security Council.

He added that the U.S. with the support of several Western countries intend to maintain its dominance in world Affairs, therefore, attempts to limit Russia’s independent foreign and domestic policy.

Security Council Secretary noted that all these threats are taken into account in the prepared new edition of the national security Strategy of the Russian Federation. “The current Strategy adopted in 2009. Over the years she has shown its effectiveness, – said Patrushev. – Russia has demonstrated its ability to protect the sovereignty, independence, government and territorial integrity. Its role has grown in addressing critical international problems, the settlement of inter-state conflicts and crises”.

“In the new edition of the Strategy remained unchanged, national priorities, main principles and approaches ensure national security”, said Secretary of the security Council.

The defence industry as a locomotive of modernization of the industry

According to the new Strategy of national security of Russia, the military-industrial complex should become a locomotive of modernization of industry in Russia, said Nikolai Patrushev. “(Revised Strategy) Noted the need to diversify the economy and overcoming its raw-material orientation and transition to new level of technological development, efficient import substitution, he noted. – The role of the engine of modernization of the production allocated to the defence sector. The tasks in the field of energy security, territorial development”.

Patrushev added that solving these problems is impossible without transition to a new level of technological development, the revival of the role of science, improve the quality of General, vocational and higher education. According to him, the implementation of strategic national priority “Science, technology and education” presupposes the reconstruction of the full scientific production cycle from basic research to the application of the achievements of applied science in production.

Patrushev said that the new version of the strategy specifies the aims of ensuring security in the areas of health, culture, ecology and sustainable nature management.

“Our economy has shown the ability to the preservation and enhancement of its capacity in conditions of instability of world economy that began in 2008 the financial crisis and the restrictive measures deliberately introduced by some countries against Russia, stated Secretary of the security Council. – Nevertheless, now the Russian economy is going through a difficult period, therefore, of strategic national priority “Economic growth” increased emphasis”.