Prime Minister modi: Russia and India are linked by the unbreakable friendship and strategic partnership

NEW DELHI, December 22. Russia and India are linked by the unbreakable friendship and strategic partnership. This was announced on the eve of his visit to Russia the Prime Minister of the Republic of India Narendra modi in an exclusive interview to first Deputy Director General Mikhail Gusman. This is the first interview for the Russian media the head of the Indian government, who took the post in may 2014.

“Russia – a true friend of India, the Russians ties with India unbreakable friendship – something more than a political partnership, said modi. – The Russians are showing deep interest in the traditions and culture of India, which makes our relationship even stronger. On the eve of this trip I have a feeling that I was late, and that worries me a little. However I’m overwhelmed with the feelings of joy and spiritual uplifting which you experience when you go to the other.”

The Prime Minister noted that the bilateral relations cover all spheres: “We have worked successfully on land and in water, and in the sky”. “Russia and India for decades are bound in the sphere of defense – continued the head of government. – We also closely interact in the international arena in times of crisis or when you just need a friend, Russia has always been close. We never had to wait and wonder what Russia’s reaction will be on this or that issue. We always knew that she will support us”.

Modi underlined that India and Russia “always was, is and will be full trust”. “Thanks to our strategic partnership has reached a new level and continues to develop,” he added.

The Agency’s interlocutor said that very happy with current relationship. “Russia was the first country with which we concluded a formal agreement on strategic partnership has attained since then the level of “special and privileged” strategic partnership, as recognition of our multifaceted bilateral cooperation,” said modi.

The Prime Minister sees clear prospects for the development of relations due to the complementarity of both countries. “Russian achievements in science and technology, military technology, nuclear energy and many other areas complement the huge Indian market, a growing economy and the needs of its young population, he said. – This gives us the confidence that our dynamic partnership will move forward.”