Putin believes that the Internet can become a key driver for the development of the country

Putin believes that the Internet can become a key driver for the development of the country

MOSCOW, December 22. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the Internet can become a key driver for the development of the country. The President also promised full support to the Internet community.

“The significance and impact of the Internet is constantly growing, you need to use the Internet in General as a driver of development, modernization of the country”, – said Putin at a forum “the Internet economy”. According to him, “no one doubts”. “We are more than willing to help you and to support you in your efforts,” the President assured participants of the forum.

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The Runet will help the development of the Russian economy

The head of state noted that “in recent years the Internet has become in everyday life in countries all around the world became an independent branch”. “Of course, Russia is not far behind and does not remain aloof from global trends: the Russian Internet audience is the largest in Europe and more than 80 million users, 62 million of them going online daily,” – stated Putin. According to him, people are “300 times today during the day you look in the phone” to go.

“Rapidly growing commercial network segment, the market volume, which is associated with the Internet, is 16 percent of GDP”, – said the head of state. He was also pleased that a growing number of those who are on the Internet to receive state and municipal services. “Last year, more than one-third of the state and municipal services were provided in an automated mode,” said the President.

Putin invited the forum participants to formulate their ideas and suggestions and pass the assistant President Igor Shchegolev.

Preferences for the Russian business

In General, Putin agreed with the idea of creating preferences for the Russian Internet business. “Yes, I agree (with these proposals), ready, will think about it. Will do, he said at the forum. Only, naturally, so that it did not violate our obligations in the WTO. I am sure that the respective correct solutions need to be found.”

The Russian President also agreed with the proposal to consider the possibility of extending benefits on insurance contributions for IT companies in 2017.

At the meeting with forum participants, Putin said that thanks to the incentives, the sales volume of software companies from 2010 to 2014 has increased more than three times: from 28 billion to 102 billion roubles. However, this benefit in 2017 will be cancelled and the participants asked to extend it. “I agree with you completely, the only question that you need to do it somehow, without violating WTO rules. I need to think”, – said Putin.

During the meeting also raised the topic of taxes. Participants noted that the companies of the Russian Internet market, given the factor of cross-border trade, are at a disadvantage because unlike foreign colleagues in Russia are forced to pay taxes and to bear social responsibilities. In this regard, the representatives of the Russian Internet market said that he had held talks with relevant officials and asked the President to instruct the government to pay attention to these problems.

“In the government in General are very good for this sector and understand its value, therefore, you can negotiate with colleagues to create a kind of special structure which will promote these ideas, the development of these ideas.”