Putin: Russia will attempt to settle the relations in the triangle EU – Russia – Ukraine

Putin: Russia will attempt to settle the relations in the triangle EU – Russia – Ukraine

MOSCOW, December 22. Russia will continue attempts to resolve the relations within the triangle EU – Russia – Ukraine.

This was stated by the President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the results of the annual round of negotiations, which ended yesterday in Brussels.

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“I think we still will repeatedly return to these issues. We want to build relationships with our partners and here on this topic (trade regime), with Ukraine want, and with the European Union they want,” the President said.

He drew attention to the fact that when the negotiators from the Russian side specifically and essentially put the controversial issues, the head of the delegation of the European Union stated that “game over”, got up and left. “The game is over and gone, but the press release issued today that the Russian delegation broke the negotiations”, – said the Russian leader, adding that “it’s not very European, not at all tolerant”.

Putin stressed that the talks in Brussels amounted to a few things: Russia, first, needs to switch to the European system of phytosanitary control. “Because it’s a one we can not do it, it would mean that all our agricultural products will not be allowed on the European market, – the President warned. – At the same time maintaining a zero customs duties between Russia and Ukraine all European goods going to Ukraine and instead including ours, and to us.”

Secondly, the EU demands that Russia switched to the European system of technical regulation and technical standards. “We say, “Look, before we switched to your system of technical standards, we need to update the equipment to produce products of this quality, and this time it is hundreds of millions, billions of investment, although some standards you better, – said the head of state. – We can’t businesses close, people on the street to throw it away, or to lose completely the same Ukrainian market”.

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The Russian objections, according to the President, European partners have proposed to introduce a transitional period of 18 months.

The President also drew the attention that the country of origin of goods is also of great importance. If the large Assembly of the European production will happen in Ukraine, then the entire flow of goods for any industry will rush to Russia. “We need to develop a system that gives an accurate understanding of and response to the question of the origin of goods, and you need to establish a normal work of customs authorities,” – said Putin, noting that European negotiators proposed that in case of any concerns on the Russian side to inform them, and they themselves promised to think about it.

How many will lose Ukraine

Earlier, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk has estimated the losses from the food embargo Russia $600 million.

“We are preparing for the fact that Russia will impose trade restrictions against Ukraine. Ukraine held its estimate of potential losses on the embargo, at least for 2016. We lose about $600 million in exports to Russia”, – he said.

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Meanwhile, the leader of the public movement “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk expressed the view that the prohibition of the export of goods to Russia means for Ukraine the billions of dollars and tens of thousands of unemployed. “If the access of Ukrainian exports to Russia will be closed, it would mean not only billions of dollars of losses (experts say about $35 billion), but also tens of thousands of new unemployed in Ukraine. And despite the fact that unemployment in the country and so through the roof,” he wrote.

The politician stressed that the $600 million loss, which said Yatsenyuk, is the only direct financial losses from lower exports, and even then not fully.