RAR: to worry about the lack of alcohol since new year is not worth it

MOSCOW, December 22. To worry about the closure of points or shortage of alcohol since new year is not worth it. This was stated by the official representative of Rosalkogolregulirovanija Alexander Kulikov, commenting on media publications on the possible disappearance of alcohol from the scope of the food service after January 1, 2016.

The government by the end of 2015 will sign the decree according to which sellers of alcohol will not apply sanctions in the event of problems with connecting to the system of USAIS. “Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin instructed the RDA to prepare a draft resolution on the lack of sanctions to organizations that have problems with USAIS. We have prepared such a document, before the New year it will be adopted”, – said Kulikov. Earlier it was decided to transition the introduction of EGAIS till 31 March, reminded the representative of the PAP.

“Accordingly, to worry about the closure of points or shortage of alcohol should not be”, – said Kulikov.

But that transition period did not have to renew, public organizations should engage in clarification of the specific connection and operation of EGAIS, and also to organize feedback of market participants with the regulator, considers the representative of the PAP. This would help to resolve all issues, he added.

Restaurateurs knew of the connection to the system of USAIS for fixation of procurement of alcohol from June 2015, when adopted relevant amendments in the law industry, no news for the industry here, said Kulikov.

“In terms of connection and time of connection of USAIS for anybody that is nothing new. 182 amendments to FZ (the law on regulation of alcohol market) were taken in the summer and then the PAP have been placed in the public domain all the necessary clarification which organizations, at what time begin the transfer of information in system EGAIS” – said Kulikov.

According to the amendments, from 1 January 2016, all retail organizations need to capture information on purchasing this or other alcoholic beverages. While restaurants and caf├ęs are retail organizations, said the representative of RAR.

In the meantime, before March 31, 2016, PAP will not punish the players of the alcohol market, if they have any problems with the work in the system. “If there are any errors in fixation, or any human factor, it is possible to punish such an organization, no one will. If we see that the organization is no data in USAIS not provided within this period, then the decision will be taken on sanctions,” – said Kulikov.

According to him, currently, the system has transferred data of about 58 thousand retail organizations, including organizations in the sphere of public catering. Kulikov could not give an exact number of organizations of public catering, connected to the system, but noted that in Moscow the large number of restaurants system EGAIS already installed.

According to the signed in June 2015, amendments to industry law for wholesale term connection to the system of USAIS installed from 1 January 2016 this also applies to the procurement and supply of alcoholic products. As for retail executives, with January 1, retailers are required to confirm the purchase of alcohol is concerned, including organizations of public catering.