Russia will take retaliatory steps for the arrest of assets in connection with the “Yukos case”

Moscow. December 22. Moscow retaliates for arrest payments of several French companies initiated by former Yukos shareholders, said the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“Of course, legal action is aimed at protecting the interests of the Russian Federation, is underway,” Peskov said to journalists..

He refrained from commenting on recent media information that the former shareholders of Yukos managed to obtain the arrest of Russian assets abroad, saying that it did not have the necessary information.

“In any case we are talking about legal procedures. It is also a legal response that takes the Russian side, so in this case I would refrain from making any comments, because sufficient information does not have,” explained Sands.

Previously, the RBC newspaper reported that former Yukos shareholders were able to arrest the payments French companies Arianespace and Eutelsat, addressed to their Russian counterparts. In addition, may be blocked “the TRANS-Siberian royalties” Air France to the address of Aeroflot.