Russian business has noticed the tightening of tax audits

Moscow. December 22. Business notes the increased and tougher tax audits, writes the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the KPMG study. About this trend said 92% of the more than 50 respondents consultants companies. 16% of them increased the duration of the inspections, 74% tax this year, began to demand more documents.

As stated by the newspaper, the head of Russian tax practice Salans dzhangar Dzhalchinov has increased the number of disputes in cases of failure to provide documents. In addition, he said, have changed and the vector of judicial practice in General, the arguments which a year ago the courts have now acknowledged to be unfounded. In the group of reviewers now includes employees of internal Affairs.

PwC partner Natalya Kuznetsova, for its part, reported that they had increased the number of requests for the application of agreements on avoidance of double taxation

Partner, tax practice, KPMG Nina Gulis said “Vedomosti” that the focus for now remains operations with dishonest suppliers, despite the fact that many companies have begun to verify their suppliers. Kuznetsov explains this by the fact that in this area you can easily improve tax collection, and improving administration.

The head of “Fiscal policy” the Economic expert group Alexandra Suslina notes that tax revenues are extremely important to the budget. So, in 2014 the share of tax payments in the Federal budget was 54%. Now due to the slump in oil prices there is a risk that even if the price of oil at $50 per barrel, the revenues will be lower by 750 billion rubles., and with oil at $40, the budget shortfall will amount to 1.6 trillion rubles, the Finance Ministry warned earlier.

On Monday, the price of Brent oil fell below $36,06 per barrel.