Shuvalov called false claims by the EU about the inflexibility of the Russian Federation on the negotiations with Ukraine

Moscow. December 22. First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has categorically denied the allegation that during consultations on the agreement on Association between Ukraine and the EU, Russia has shown flexibility.

“In the seven rounds of consultations, the Russian side proposed four options for legally binding instruments. We never offered to amend the basic agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. We offered to make additional agreements addressing the issues of concern, primarily us, protect our interests and, on the other hand, allow you to implement the Association agreement”, – said Shuvalov journalists.

A positive response in the end has been received. “Instead, we were presented options developed by the EU, which, in fact, all our proposals out,” he said.

Shuvalov said that the EU statement of 21 December that Russia is responsible for the failure of the negotiations in the absence of any flexibility, looks “very strange”.

“It is at least deceitful and cynical. We’ve demonstrated the flexibility and professionalism, trying to find a real way out, no way of preventing Ukraine to implement the agreement on associated membership, but defended Russia’s economic interests, keeping in mind that it is already part of the Eurasian economic space”, – said the first Deputy Prime Minister.

The European Commission has previously stated that Russia has not shown the will and flexibility to reach agreements on the issue of the FTA with Ukraine. “We were close enough to that to find some practical solutions. And I think if it were shown will, be able to do it. Today, however, we have not seen sufficient flexibility from the Russian side,” – said Commissioner on trade Cecilia Malmstrom.