The Bank of England has accused immigrants from Eastern Europe at lower wages

Moscow. December 22. Immigration leads to lower wages for low-skill British newspaper Daily Mail citing the results of a study of the Bank of England.

The influx of workers from Eastern Europe in the sphere of public catering, hospitality and social services has led to lower average wages in this sector by 2%. As a result, low-skill workers-Britons are losing hundreds of pounds a year.

One of the authors of the report Stephen Nickel said that a 10 percent increase of immigrants in the labour force leads to lower wages by 2%. The share of immigrants, he said, is constantly increasing since the mid 90-ies, and this growth is especially noticeable among unskilled personnel.

This data will be picked up by eurosceptic members of Parliament-the conservatives and increase the pressure on the Prime Minister of great Britain demanding the return of the country control over its own borders or to leave the European Union. While Prime Minister David Cameron cannot get from Brussels concessions in the basic question of deprivation of immigrants from EU countries the right to benefits in the first four years of stay in the UK, says BBC.

“It is striking that analysts of the Bank of England have taken the time to identify what is known throughout the country immigration from Eastern Europe leads to lower wages. Our membership in the EU leads to the fact that we lose control over the influx of unskilled labour, and that this influx to compensate, we limit the number of migrants in the opposite spectrum of the economy,” said one of the leading eurosceptics in the British Parliament, an MP from the conservative party Philip Hollobone.

“Thus, the whole economy is upside down, he continues. The only way to regain her balance – withdrawal from the EU. Only this can stop the flow of hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers into the country”, – said the MP.

Since then, as Tony Blair’s government in 2004 opened the door for migrants from countries of the former USSR, hundreds of thousands of migrants work in the service sector, the three-quarters of the British economy, the article notes.

The newspaper also reminds that the Bank of England Governor mark Carney in may, warned that the influx of foreign workers damages the economy, by moderating wage growth.