The court approved the settlement agreement on the suit of the savings Bank to the “South Kuzbass” for $51 million

Moscow. December 22. The Moscow arbitration court on Tuesday approved a settlement agreement in the claim of the savings Bank to recover from the coal company “southern Kuzbass” (included in “Mechel-mining”) of $51 million, reported the correspondent of Agency from the court.

The court dismissed the proceedings.

Speaking at the meeting, the representative of Sberbank said that under the terms of the settlement agreement, signed on 18 December, the main debt must be repaid Tuesday, December 22. While money is not listed. The representative of “southern Kuzbass” said the repayment is planned in the second half of the day.

Under the agreement, the savings Bank forgives the penalty for overdue interest, or approximately $80.6 thousand

In this case interest is accrued on the overdue amount of the principal debt, if the money is still on December 22 will not be listed. In this case the interest is charged from the date of signing of the agreement until the date of actual repayment.

On Monday the Moscow Arbitration court approved a settlement agreement in the claim of the savings Bank about collecting with “southern Kuzbass” $224,1 million

In addition, the court on 21 December approved the settlement agreements on two lawsuits Sberbank to recover from “South Kuzbass” debt in the amount of RUB 3.3 billion and $445 million.

Amicable agreements were concluded on 18 December.

Sberbank has long been the only state Bank is the creditor, not soglasivshisj for restructuring of debts of “Mechel”.