The government has indicated the willingness of “mail of Russia” to the corporatization

Moscow. December 22. FSUE “Mail of Russia” on results of work in 2015 ready for privatization, told journalists the head of Rosimushchestvo Olga Dergunova. The final decision on the matter should be taken by government and legislators, she said.

A bill on the reorganization of “mail of Russia” was submitted to the Duma in June 2014. In November, the state Duma Committee on property recommended the lower house of Parliament to postpone the adoption of the document before the approval by the government the development strategy of “Mail”.

The concept of development until 2020 approved by the Ministry of communications in April 2015, however, consideration of the merits of the bill on corporatization of FSUE legislators didn’t come back yet.

According to the document, “Mail” must be converted into a joint stock company, 100% owned by the state. The company plans to attract a strategic investor, but the decision on privatization will be adopted by Rosimushchestvo and the Ministry of communications after incorporating the company.

“In the future we plan to attract to the company strategic investors and to provide an opportunity for ordinary citizens to become owners of “mail of Russia”, – said earlier the Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Mikhail Evraev.