The leaders of the countries of the EEU is called the right exit from the agreement on FTA with Ukraine

Moscow. December 22. Leaders of member countries of the EEU, along with Russia, also believe it appropriate to withdraw from the agreement on free trade area (FTA) with Ukraine, told journalists the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov following the summit of the EAEC.

“Not to sound like this position – they are ready or not ready. They said that in principle it would be right for such a decision – a single decision was adopted by all five countries. That it was a common mode and common external border of the customs border, and for traceability, and due to various reasons,” he said.

These reasons, according to Shuvalov, have the character of rather closed debate. “Now if any restrictions do not take such decisions on the top five or the five States of the EAEU, it is only more technical elements and issues: it is necessary to look still how then can suffer the existing contracts, especially in Kazakhstan and Belarus”, – he said.

I. Shuvalov said that the Russian delegation did not insist on the need for restrictive measures to Ukraine in relations with other countries.