The management of the airport “Vnukovo” declared the decrease in passenger traffic

MOSCOW, December 22. Until November 2015 the airport “Vnukovo” was in accordance with the indicators set forth in the business plan, however, by the end of the year, the yield on the planned indicators it is unlikely. About it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vnukovo airport Vitaly Vantsev.

“We went in under our budget and business plan we developed five years ago, until November 2015. The volume of traffic grew to 32% compared to the previous year. But the events that occurred in September and October, starting with Transaero airlines, then the events associated with Egypt and Turkey. They, of course, led to the fall of growth. Today we’re going to figure 15.5 – 15.7 million passengers, but overall we fall short of the performance expected to come,” – said Vantsev.

According to him, according to the plans at the beginning of the year total number of passengers must be not less than 16 million

Vantsev also said that all of these events are reflected not only in Vnukovo, but also on “the whole aviation community” and stressed that while “we do not understand the scale of the losses that we will see next year”.

“We expect today very carefully the budget for the next year. Think we’re gonna move next year to 13 million passengers,” Vantsev said.