The Ministry of industry and trade: sanctions had no effect on the value of the new year table

MOSCOW, December 22. Sanctions in the form of restrictions on the import into Russia of food from the EU, USA and some other countries imposed in August 2014 and extending to August 2016, had no effect on the growth of retail prices and cost of new year Wallpapers 2016. This position was expressed by Deputy Minister of industry and trade of Russia Viktor Evtukhov on the sidelines of the forum “the Internet economy in 2015.”

“I wouldn’t say that the sanctions, which were imposed in August last year, now is affecting the cost of the consumer basket and the cost of Christmas buffet. The only thing we have is, as always, seasonal fluctuation of prices for different types of goods… basically no sanctions have an impact (on the retail price – approx. ed.), namely the devaluation of the ruble,” said Evtukhov.

He assured that the Ministry continuously monitors retail prices. “We are monitoring every day, as before (in the first months after the introduction of predamage August 2014), and weekly and see normal prices, as in the past (before the imposition of sanctions – approx. ed.). Every year we see the same increase on those goods which are not produced in Russia during the winter season: some fruits, vegetables”, – said Evtukhov. Thus, the seasonal price fluctuations are influenced to a greater extent of import component, which depends on the fluctuations of currencies.

Earlier media reported that the Rosstat estimated the new year’s table in the coming year on the average in 5 790 thousand rubles, which is 28% higher than last year. A list of the most expensive products to a festive table traditionally headed by salmon caviar is about 3 thousand rubles per kilogram. Assessment of the new year table the Ministry has been conducting for 23 products.