The Ministry of oil of Iran: the oil and gas industry needs investment of $150 billion

TEHRAN, December 22. /Corr. Alexander Levchenko/. The oil and gas industry of Iran needs investment of $150 billion over the Sixth state development plan for the period 2016-2022. This was stated by the Director-General for strategic planning of the Ministry of petroleum of Iran said Kalampur.

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“The oil and gas industry of Iran needs investment of $150 billion for the period of the Sixth development plan from 2016 to 2022,” quotes on Tuesday, Fars News Agency the words of the official.

“Iran expects that of this amount, $100 billion investment can be expected from foreign investors. The remaining investment will be provided by local sources and will go to projects for the exploration and production of oil and gas”, – said Kalampur.

As stressed by the representative of the Iranian Ministry, the strategic objectives of the Agency are the development not only of production capacity but also in the construction and expansion of refineries, production facilities, petrochemicals, infrastructure for gas export and construction of plants for the production of gasoline Euro III and Euro IV.

In case of realization of scheduled investment plans, “the export of gas from Iran will increase to 200 million cubic meters per day”.

The main directions of export of this energy carrier for the next six years identified Iraq, Pakistan and UAE, the official said.