The Russian foreign Ministry: the EU and Ukraine refused to accept the outcome of negotiations on trade

The Russian foreign Ministry: the EU and Ukraine refused to accept the outcome of negotiations on trade

MOSCOW, December 22. Brussels and Kiev was not going to compromise with Russia at the negotiations on the free trade area (FTA). This was stated by the Russian foreign Ministry on the outcome of the sixth Ministerial meeting in the format Russia-Ukraine-EU.

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“On 21 December in Brussels ended the next, sixth meeting at Ministerial level to discuss Russia’s concerns in connection with the intention of the EU and Ukraine to start from 1 January 2016 the provisional application of the trade and economic section signed between them in 2014 of the Association Agreement (AA), – reminded in depodesta of the Russian Federation. This format, complemented by intensive consultations at the expert level, has appeared once in September 2014, Brussels and Kiev under the weight of Russian case agreed to postpone by one year the launch of the trade and economic part of the AA. Then there is hope that joint efforts will be able to continue with the current profitable for both parties preferential treatment in trade between Russia and Ukraine, which was under serious threat because of the commitments undertaken by Ukraine in accordance with SA”.

“Unfortunately, those hopes did not come true. The reason is simple: none of our partners do not even want to negotiate and seek compromises with Russia, – noted in comments. – In Brussels and Kiev were seen the outcome of the negotiating process in fact only a clarification of Russia “groundlessness” of her concerns and nothing was going to make a deal with us”.

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“The EU and Ukraine categorically and essentially refused to fix any of the possible results of the negotiations in the form of a legally binding instrument, bringing all your suggestions for continued monitoring of the situation and create new, no matter what, in fact, not authorized working groups”, – stated in the Ministry.

In parallel, Ukraine “with the tacit blessing of the European Commission, in violation of the September 2014 agreements continued to implement the norms of the “frozen” section of the AA in their legislation”, stressed the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

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Russia does not intend to sacrifice their economic interests to meet others ‘ ambitions, it is also mentioned in the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry.

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“We can’t stop the current leadership in Kiev, acting to imagine the same harm, undermine and subjugate the external forces in the economy of their country is the internal affair of Ukraine, it is, according to the bureaucrats in Kiev and Brussels, “sovereign choice”, – said the Ministry. – It is not clear why this choice should Russia pay? We have our own economic interests, to sacrifice which we do not intend, moreover, to satisfy someone’s ambitions”.

“Under the circumstances, Russia is forced to take action that mitigates emerging for our economy, risks and guarantees the protection of our legitimate interests,” said the Russian depodesta.