The state Duma intends to allow the FSB servicemen to use arms when a cluster of people

MOSCOW, December 22. The state Duma adopted amendments to the draft law on the FSB, which allows intelligence officers to use their weapons at the crowd of people.

The document was considered in the second, mainly, reading, voting on it will be after 17:00 GMT.

In particular, the serviceman of bodies of the Federal security service “has no right to use firearms with considerable accumulation of people, if as a result of its application can suffer a random person, except the use of firearms in order to prevent (suppress) the terrorist attack, the release of the hostages, reflect a group of armed attacks on crucial and potentially dangerous objects or objects, buildings, premises, constructions of public authorities,” according to the new wording of the bill.

This topic was previously raised by a member of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption, the former head of FSB Nikolai Kovalev, communicating with journalists after the attack, which occurred on Board the Russian aircraft in Egypt. It, including, had indicated that Russian legislation “prohibits the use of weapons in places of a mass congestion of people”. “So, we need urgently to correct the situation”, – said the MP.

The authors of the document were made by the deputies and senators, including the chairmen of the relevant committees of the Federation Council and state Duma Viktor Ozerov, Irina Yarovaya.

Other provisions of the document

Under the version of the document, which the deputies adopted in the first reading, the FSB troops before the use of weapons, special means and physical force will be required to warn about who they are and their intention, providing citizens with the opportunity and time to perform their legitimate demands. At the same time, intelligence officers will not be able to do that “… if a delay would pose an immediate threat to the life and health of citizens, the FSB, or can entail other heavy consequences, and also in repelling the attacks on objects, airplanes and vehicles of the FSB”.

They will be required to provide to persons injured as a result of their actions, first aid and also to take action as soon as possible to take the victims to the doctor. About each case of injury of the citizens or their death as a result of the use of weapons employees of FSB will be required to notify the Prosecutor within 24 hours.

The bill contains a detailed list of cases when servicemen of the FSB will be able to use weapons, special means and the use of physical force. They will not be held responsible for damage caused to citizens and organisations if the use of military equipment, weapons, special means and physical force was carried out “on the grounds and in the manner established by law.” The compensation of such harm will occur in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation at the expense of the budget.