The Telecom industry ranked first in the index of corruption counteraction PwC

Moscow. December 22. Russian telecommunication companies are leading in the index of integrity (ABCI, anti-bribery and corruption index), calculated for PwC Russia, despite recent information about the involvement of some companies involved in corruption scandals in Uzbekistan.

As stated in the PwC survey, the index of the ABCI for the telecommunication sector of the Russian Federation with reference to recent corruption scandals amounted to 76%.

For the Russian state-owned fuel and energy sector index ABCI is equal to 70%, and for private fuel and energy companies it is 52%.

The current average index ABCI for all state companies of the Russian Federation in the sample is 67%. This composite index ABCI for all 125 Russian companies included in the index is equal to 63%.

The worst result was recorded among car companies: index ABCI scored only 51%.

As noted in the review of the automotive companies included in the PwC sample, represent a very heterogeneous group: there is not only Assembly plants, and dealers.

It is not surprising that the performance of ABCI in the group of automobile companies are very different. For example, public companies, ABCI rate is 57%, whereas the index ABCI non-public companies (mainly Russian dealers) is only 37%.

The PwC team have selected 125 of the largest Russian companies by sales volume in the following key sectors: telecommunications, retail & consumer products, financial services, automotive, energy sector, mining and metallurgy, and pharmaceuticals.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. government and the Netherlands (Amsterdam is the headquarters of Vimpelcom) from March 2014 investigating the deal of Vimpelcom and MTS company Takilant Ltd., which is associated with the daughter of Uzbekistan’s President Gulnara Karimova. American prosecutors believed that the company could pay a bribe to enter the country’s market.