Vice-President of the Sudan was committed to partnership with Russia

Sudan is ready to provide special conditions for Russian investments and to overcome obstacles that may arise on their way, said the Vice-President Hasabu Muhammad Abd ar-Rahman.

KHARTOUM, 22 Dec. Russian-Sudanese relations are developing, and Sudan is committed to ensuring that they become strategic, said the Vice-President Hasabu Muhammad Abd ar-Rahman after the agreement was signed Monday in Khartoum, 14 agreements and memorandums between the Russian Federation and the Sudan.

Third session of the Ministerial Committee of the Sudan and the Russian Federation on cooperation in trade and economic sphere has opened in the Sudanese capital on Saturday. The Russian delegation was headed by the Minister of natural resources and ecology Sergey Donskoy, it also includes more than 50 representatives of public and private sector. The Chairman of the Sudanese side was the Minister of mineral resources Ahmed al-Karuri. The country also represent the leaders in the number of economic ministries and businessmen. Event session lasted four days.

According to the news Agency Sputnik, the session concluded with the signing of agreements in the presence of Vice-President. The parties signed agreements in the fields of industry, electricity, the promotion and protection of investments, the construction of power plants and transmission lines, geological studies, and on a number of joint economic projects.

“We believe this session and wish them the best in the future become a strategic partner of Russia”, — said Abd ar-Rahman after signing. According to the Vice-President, the country is ready to provide special conditions for Russian investments and to overcome obstacles that may arise in their way.

As previously reported, on Monday at the session in Khartoum, Sudanese and Russian entrepreneurs have signed an agreement to establish a joint business Council. As said the Agency Sputnik, the Deputy head of the Sudanese businessmen Union Ahmed Yousef, the Russian side expressed particular interest in the Sudanese products, such as meat, vegetables and fruit, and Sudan will benefit from cooperation in the field of mining and oil and gas industry, will get Russian technology.

The Ambassador of the Sudan in the Russian Federation Nadir Babiker in November said that the government intends to give priority in its market to Russian companies, especially in areas of agriculture, mining, oil and gas production. He stressed that relations with Moscow in Khartoum regarded as “friendly”. He said that during the last visit of the Sudanese delegation in Moscow signed 10 agreements, including an important agreement in the gas sphere between the Sudanese company Sudapet and Russian GTL.