Khloponin denied the information on possible absence of alcohol in restaurants from 1 January

MOSCOW, December 23. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin (overseen by the government regulation of the alcohol market) has denied the information on possible absence of alcohol in shops and catering points from 1 January 2016, when businesses will begin to fix in USAIS the fact the purchase of alcohol at wholesale. Information about a possible shortage of “pure wickedness,” he told reporters.

“As for the negative information that our restaurateurs are not ready for the system of USAIS that there will be failures, and in anticipation of the New year or after New year’s on the shelves or in the restaurants will not be alcoholic beverages – it is not true. This is pure lie,” – said Khloponin.

“We work with restaurateurs, and with all major network and small (shops – approx. ed.), they can go online and ask questions so we assisted the installation of this system”, – stressed the Vice Premier.

He noted that while the point of catering will only need to fix the fact the purchase of alcohol. “Today, restaurateurs have to work at the reception (alcohol products – approx. ed.). Any difficulties they have from the point of view of reception of alcoholic beverages will not be”, – said Khloponin. Eventually the retail will move in USAIS from 1 July 2016 then the retail stores (including food service establishments) will have to reflect in the system is not only the fact of purchase, but the fact of sale of alcohol.

As emphasized Khloponin, in test mode all companies “will have sufficient time to prepare and to work (mechanism)”. He recalled that for three months the sellers of alcohol will receive a so-called grace period.

As previously reported, the government by the end of 2015 will sign the decree according to which sellers of alcohol will not apply sanctions in the event of problems with connecting to the system of USAIS. The transition period will end on 31 March – prior to this date Rosalkogolregulirovanie will not punish the players of the alcohol market, if they have any problems with the work in the system.

But if the company will not provide data in USAIS will be accepted the decision on sanctions, explained earlier in the Russian alcohol regulation Department.

Khloponin also reported that as of December 22, USAIS connected to over 60 thousand enterprises of retail trade, including public catering. This is 20% of the total number of licensees.