The Central Bank of the Russian Federation: the Russian companies have enough currency for the smooth servicing of external debt in 2016

MOSCOW, December 23. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation declares sufficient foreign currency liquidity to ensure uninterrupted payments on its foreign debt in 2016. This was reported to journalists by the first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Ksenia Yudaeva.

“The Bank of Russia estimates the total volume of foreign currency liquidity as sufficient for the uninterrupted and full service of the external debt of banks and non-financial companies in 2016,” said she. Yudaeva also said that the reduction of Bank debt to the Bank of Russia under REPO transactions in foreign currency from a peak of $33.9 billion to $19.4 billion out decreasing the need for banks to foreign currency liquidity.

As stated in the latest financial stability review the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the 19 largest non-financial companies-exporters of the external debt repayment before July 1, 2016 will be $17 billion For other non-financial companies, the volume of redemptions in this period will not exceed $25 billion.

On a monthly basis the Bank of Russia obtains data on the structure of foreign currency assets and liabilities 11 largest exporters. According to the regulator available to the largest banks foreign currency liquidity is quite sufficient to make payments on its external debt in the period under review. In addition, there is significant unused limit currency refinancing of Bank of Russia – $28.7 billion on December 18, 2015.