The dollar and Euro fell slightly at the opening of trading on Wednesday

Moscow. December 23. The ruble rose slightly against the dollar and Euro on the Moscow stock exchange in early trading environment, reflecting an upward correction in oil prices.

Bidding on the dollar started transactions within 71,05-71,15 ruble, on average, per minute rate was 71,12 roubles (-11 kopeks to the level of the previous close). The Euro in early trading was worth 77,83 ruble (-22 COP.). The bi-currency basket amounted 74,14 ruble (-16 kopeks).

The dollar was exactly at the current official rate, the Euro – by 22 kopecks above the official rate.

A small decline of the dollar and the Euro associated experts “Interfax-CEA” with an upward correction of the prices of crude oil prevailing on the morning of Wednesday after falling the night before. Oil prices rising on Wednesday morning, correcting after falling the previous evening. February futures for Brent crude on London’s ICE Futures exchange at 10:00 GMT on Wednesday rose to $36.45 per barrel.

The night before the contract price once again reached the lowest level since 2004, falling during the session to near $36 per barrel. Experts note that the rates on the two most actively traded crude oil grades – traded WTI and London Brent on Tuesday for the first time in the course of trading for the last 4 years had achieved parity. According to The Wall Street Journal, alignment, oil prices can be a signal of the beginning of market recovery, as the US manufacturers cut production due to low cost, high level of demand.