The minimum sum insured medical insurance for tourists is 2 million rubles

MOSCOW, December 23. The minimum size of the sum insured under voluntary medical insurance for traveling abroad from December 28, will be equal to 2 million roubles. About it reports a press-service of the Russian Union of insurers (VSS).

Russian tourists traveling abroad, will take out medical travel insurance even in cases when the trip is organized by the tourist himself, without the services of travel companies. Otherwise, upon the occurrence of an emergency abroad will pay for his treatment and transportation. Such changes have been made to the Federal law “About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation” and shall come into force on 28 December 2015, said the report by the BBC.

According to the new law, the minimum insurance amount under the contract of insurance will be equal to 2 million roubles at the official exchange rate of the Bank of Russia, effective on the date of the agreement of voluntary insurance.

The voluntary insurance agreement (insurance policy) should cover the costs of medical, medical-transport assistance and posthumous repatriation in cases of injuries and sudden illnesses, including exacerbation of chronic, according to the law.

Now in the case that the insurance event occurred during the period of validity of the policy, and at the end of the period of insurance travelling still needs treatment, including hospitalization, medical transportation and other things, the insurer will be liable within the limits established by the policy the sum insured without additional restrictions. This insurance policy is issued for a period less than the period of stay of the insured outside the Russian Federation.

“Many tourists when travelling abroad, save on insurance, relying on the fact that the rest will be peaceful. When an emergency occurs, victims or their relatives begin to connect to rescue operations of EMERCOM and other agencies. With the entry into force of new amendments, the tourist, who declined from the insurance, all risks that may arise during the trip, assumes,” says BCC President Igor Yurgens.

In addition, tour operators and travel agents will now be required to explain to the tourist under the personal signature that in case of refusal from conclusion of the contract of voluntary insurance the cost of medical care in emergency and urgent forms abroad shall be borne by the tourist, while expenditure on posthumous repatriation would be borne by the persons interested in the return of the body of the victim, explain in BCC.

At the present time for tourists planning to travel to Schengen countries, having health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30 000 is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa, unlike other countries. This condition is now prevailing. Coming into force on 28 December amendments to the law “About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation” only set minimum amount of insurance under contracts of voluntary insurance for all Russian tourists who travel outside the Russian Federation.