The owner of the “Aurora” steel structures Alexey hotina

Moscow. December 23. Exillon Energy, controlled by the structures of Alexei Hawtin, became the owner of 100% shares of the company “polar lights”, the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing a source familiar with the situation.

According to the publication, structures of Khotyn acquired 50% Rosneft ConocoPhillips. Asset was not fully purchased by the Exillon, and its main owners Alex Hominem (owns 29.9 per cent through Seneal International) and Alexander Klyachin (26,7% over Sinclare Holdings).

According to analysts, the size of the deal could be worth $150 million, the asset ready attractive working conditions and profitability.

“Aurora” was founded in 1992. The JV owns five oil fields Ardalinskoe group in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Ardalinskoye, East Kolvinskoye, Oshkotynskoye, West Oshkotynskoye and Central-Khoreyver, the latter open and was commissioned in 2008). In the early development of the recoverable reserves was estimated at 16 million tons, oil from the fields is delivered by pipeline Usinsk-Yaroslavl for sale in the markets of Europe. But in recent years production fell in 2010, she, according to “Rosneft”, was about 700 thousand tons, in 2012 – about 520 thousand tons, and in 2014 fell to 410 thousand tons.

Last week, Rosneft announced that it has closed the transaction the implementation of the 50% interest in the company “the polar lights”. In a press-service “Rosneft” did not specify who sold the share in the joint venture. Rosneft JV “polar lights” participated with ConocoPhillips on a parity basis.

Exillon has been producing hydrocarbons in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and the Komi Republic.