The stock market is growing after the ruble and oil

The stock market is growing after the ruble and oil

According to the Moscow exchange, the MICEX index grew up to 1744,11 points, RTS index – to 778,27 paragraph on the background of rising oil prices. The cost of the February futures for North sea Brent blend rose 36,82 per barrel.

MOSCOW, 23 Dec. Elena Likova. The share market of the Russian Federation in the environment is growing in major indices after the ruble and Brent crude oil, traded at about 36.8 per dollar per barrel.

The MICEX index to 16.17 MSK grew by 1.2% to 1744,11 points, RTS — on 2,08% — to 778,27 points, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” has decreased by 64 copecks — to 70,59 ruble, the Euro rate — 99 cents to 77,06 ruble.

The cost of the February futures for North sea petroleum mix of mark Brent has grown on 1,97% — to 36,82 per barrel.

Growth despite pressure of sanctions

Sberbank, VTB and “Yandex” has accelerated morning rise, despite the expanded U.S. sanctions list against Russia, which included a number of subsidiaries of Sberbank and VTB and the online payment service “Yandex.Money.”

The prefs of Sberbank rise to 3,69%, ordinary shares – on 2,77%, VTB shares rose 0.99%, while the shares of “Yandex” – on 2,75%.

On Tuesday it became known that the list of sectoral sanctions were added, Banco VTB Africa, “daughter” VTB in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Austria, Belarus and Ukraine; VTB 24, “VTB Insurance”, VTB Leasing.

In addition, the list includes “daughter” of Sberbank in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, and “Sberbank-Capital”, Sberbank Europe, “Sberbank capital”, “Sberbank insurance”, and Sberbank Investments “the savings Bank Leasing”.

The list includes non-state pension funds (NPF) Sberbank and VTB, as well as the online payment service “Yandex.Money.”

Leaders and outsiders

Among the leaders of the market – shares of KAMAZ (2,28%), NOVATEK (2,21%), prefs of Surgutneftegas (1,85%), actions “Norilsk Nickel” (1,84%), ordinary shares of “RUSAL” (1,77%) and LSR (1,72%).

Among leaders of falling – actions “the pole Gold” (-2,32%), VSMPO-AVISMA (-2,23%), “inter RAO UES” (-1,6%), Peak (-1,27%) and M. Video (-1,2%), TMK (-1,19%), Uralkali (-1,14%).

Forecasts and recommendations

At present, the MICEX index retreated from its fresh intraday high, again having come nearer to a mark of 1740 points, said Vitaly Manzhos from the Bank “Education”.

In the afternoon a significant impact on the course of trading may provide some meaningful statistical indicators in the United States. The most important signal will be the publication of evaluation data according to the November orders for durable goods (16.30 GMT). In addition, at 18.30 Moscow time will take place the release of weekly data about change of stocks of oil and oil products in the U.S., reminds the analyst.

“In General, we expect the closing of the MICEX index close to the mark of 1740 points, with increases of about 1% at the end of the day,” he adds.

Activity at the auctions is declining due to the Christmas and New Year, while domestic market remains in the hands of local speculators who may try to pull the index to a mark of 1800 through index securities, said asset Manager “Zerich capital Management” Alexey Trunev. “At the same time continue to be relevant a separate story – the prefs of Surgutneftegas and Norilsk Nickel stock, he adds.