The US has accused Russia of backsliding on WTO principles

Moscow. December 23. Washington increasingly been concerned about the foreign trade regime of the Russian Federation, in the new report of the office of the U.S. trade representative Russia is accused of departing from the fundamental principles of the world trade organization (WTO): trade liberalization, transparency and the rule of law.

As reported by Bloomberg, the report focuses on the growing in Russia trade protectionism and “unreasonable and punitive measures” against neighboring countries and the United States.

The only one positive thing: the reduction of many customs tariffs according to the agreement on the accession of Russia to the WTO.

U.S. intends to continue to closely monitor the dynamics of export duties in Russia, which, according to Washington, is often used as a political tool and a means of protecting domestic producers. In addition, the US will monitor the use of subsidies and controls prices, particularly for titanium and natural gas.

One of the most significant issues in the report is the compliance of the Russian Federation intellectual property rights, while the Office of the U.S. trade representative, and notes some positive developments.