Weekly inflation in Russia remained at the level of 0.2%

Moscow. December 23. Inflation in Russia from 15 to 21 December was 0.2% for the third consecutive week, said Wednesday Rosstat. For three weeks, the inflation equaled to 0.1%, while earlier for five consecutive weeks prices had gained 0.2%.

Since the beginning of the month, the price growth amounted to 21 December of 0.6%, YTD to 12.7%.

The average increase in prices since the beginning of December amounted to 0.028%, which almost coincides with the level of November 2015 (0,025%), but significantly below the December 2014 (0,083% on average for the month). Overall, in December 2014, the price growth was 2.6%.

As previously reported by Rosstat, inflation in November 2015 rose by 0.8%, after 0.7% in October and 1.3% in November 2014. In annual terms inflation in November 2015 dropped to 15% from 15.6% in October 2015.

From 16 to 22 December last year the growth of prices due to the devaluation of the ruble has accelerated to its highest level in many years rate of 0.9% for the week.

Based on the data of Rosstat, inflation in annual terms as at 21 December of the current year could be reduced to 13,7-13,8% vs. 15,0% at the end of November and 14.5% a week earlier.