A course on the growth trajectory. Putin on results of work of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2015 and 2016

MOSCOW, December 24. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday held a meeting with members of the government, congratulated with the coming New year, summed up the work combine in 2015 and set targets for 2016.

In the meeting on economic issues chaired by the President, was attended not only Deputy Prime Ministers and government Ministers, but a number of members of the presidential administration, the Chairman of the Central Bank, etc.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, on the situation in the economy

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The results of the year

  • Putin called the active work of the government in the past year and expressed the Cabinet’s gratitude.
  • The President believes that “thanks to the implementation of anti-crisis plan was able to support the real sector of the economy, to strengthen confidence in the banking system”.
  • Putin emphasized running the program of import substitution, which should lead to technological renewal of production and export promotion.
  • The head of state satisfied with the growing potential of the domestic military-industrial complex and the success of farmers.
  • Assessment of Putin, “demonstrate positive dynamics and agriculture for 11 months, almost three percent growth.”
  • The President generally satisfied with the work of the government, but urged to act “quick”.

Tasks for 2016

  • It is necessary to return the Russian economy to a sustainable growth, the President said.
  • Putin noted that it is necessary to be prepared for the fact that the period of low prices for raw materials and limitations may be delayed.
  • The business relies on various mechanisms that increase the efficiency of the economy, so it is important to continue to deal with them, I’m sure the President
  • Should provide clear, uninterrupted execution of plans to support sectors that were at risk, said Putin
  • The President also urged special attention be paid to modernization of housing and communal services and to ensure accurate fulfillment of earlier adopted decisions.
  • The Russian leader urged to use all available mechanisms to contain the growth of prices.
  • In the social sphere, according to him, the main priority should be the transition to a more fair system, when help is primarily given to those people who really need it.
  • However, Putin pointed to the need to analyze the situation with an inefficient expenditure of budgetary funds.
  • Increasing the debt of the Federal budget on obligatory payments, the President said. He also cited the low level of budget implementation until the end of the year.
  • We have huge underutilized reserves of both income and expenses”, – said Putin.