A just Russia has proposed to introduce a tax on soda and chips

Moscow. December 24. State Duma Deputy from the faction “Fair Russia” Oleg Mikheyev introduced the house bill on the introduction of a tax on harmful health food, soda and potato chips.

In the message, published on the Duma website, stipulates that the amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation.

MP proposes to impose taxes on carbonated water with a high content of sugar. This will include foreign and soda will not affect Russian producers.

Also proposed to introduce a tax on potato chips in 100 grams have more than 12.5 grams of sugar or other flavoring substances.

Mikheev notes that the bill will affect potato chips and carbonated water with a high content of sugar, as these products are not irreplaceable, and the composition of substances not included in the mandatory diet of the citizens.

The Deputy notes that such taxes or excise taxes have been successfully implemented in Denmark, great Britain, USA, Hungary. A call to impose such a tax has been repeatedly expressed to the UN, in particular, in 2012 this was discussed in the report on the problems of food, which was prepared by the organization.

According to the UN experts, the introduction of 10% tax on harmful products will decrease their consumption.