Experts predicted the strengthening of the dollar against most currencies

Moscow. December 24. The dollar has fallen on Thursday against the Euro and the yen, however, experts predict its strengthening against most major currencies in the first quarter of 2016, reports Bloomberg.

The Euro against the dollar rose during trading to $1,0935 compared to $1,0912 on the closing of the previous session.

U.S. currency in the fourth quarter of 2015 rose by 2.2% against the Euro. Federal reserve system (the fed) raised the base interest rate for the first time since 2006 – up to 0.25-0.5% per annum, and experts expect the new fed raises rates next year.

According to futures quotations at the level of basic interest rates, the probability of their improvement U.S. Central Bank until March of the next year is estimated by traders at 48% at the meeting on 26-27 April is at 55%.

“Support for the dollar have good prospects of the American economy, which stand for the monetary policy of the USA, significantly different from the policies of Central banks, – the Vice-President Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. in Tokyo Masashi Murata. – Important in the forecasts for the foreign exchange market is confident in the positive direction of the dollar”.

The index tracking the fluctuations of the U.S. dollar relative to six world currencies, has increased in the current quarter by 1.9%. The consensus forecast of experts polled by Bloomberg suggests the rise of the indicator is 2.5% by 31 March 2016.

According to analysts, in the first quarter of next year we can expect the strengthening of the USD against all G10 currencies except the British pound and the canadian dollar.

The dollar against the yen fell during the session on Thursday to 120,55 120,92 against the yen the yen the day before.

The pair Euro/yen traded at 131,82 yen compared to the 131,94% at the close of the previous session.