From December 28, the Russians will have to fill out a questionnaire at the exchange

From December 28, the Russians will have to fill out a questionnaire at the exchange

Moscow. December 24. The Central Bank has tightened the rules of the exchange, the provisions of the Bank of Russia N499-P on the identification of Bank customers to counter money-laundering

From 28 December 2015, upon certain transactions, including the exchange in cash, the citizen, have not previously been a customer of a particular Bank, you will have to fill out a questionnaire, which should contain the name, requisites of the document proving the identity, residential address, INN (if any), contact information.

The new rules will increase the time of customer service. As explained by the representative of the press service of the PSB, the new provision does not allow a simplified identification in the part of the foreign exchange transactions.

If you exchange “in the office”, regardless of amount, must now be carried out full identification of the customer, and if the applicant has not previously been identified by the Bank, you will need to show your passport and fill out a questionnaire. In non-cash exchange changes, because the client is identified when opening an account.

In Promsvyazbank noted that the promise to refuse the exchange offices was given a long time ago, including the banks themselves. The regulator is mindful of the need to control foreign exchange transactions and the maximum use for this account and not cash, this should increase the transparency of transactions and reduce the burden on the cash register, put in the Bank.

Position N499-P “On identification by credit organizations of clients, client’s representatives, beneficiaries and beneficial owners for the purposes of combating legalization (laundering) of incomes received by criminal way, and terrorism financing” was published in “the Bulletin of Bank of Russia” on 16 December and comes into force 10 days after publication.