FT: Russia, Greece and Ukraine top the bond yield

FT: Russia, Greece and Ukraine top the bond yield

Due to the high risks that the Russian economy faced in the beginning of the year, but which managed to overcome, bond yields were at record levels. In addition, unlike the situation in other two countries, the Russian stock index also rose.

MOSCOW, 24 Dec –. Government bonds of Russia, Ukraine and Greece showed in 2015 best yield, though it seemed the most unlikely candidate for success, according to Financial Times.

High bond yields is because the country started the year with a very high level of risk for Ukraine and Greece related to the probability of default. As for Russia, it faced early in the year with the weakening of the ruble, falling oil prices, Western economic sanctions and capital flight. However, the ruble was stronger than analysts had expected, and the effect of the sanctions is not so disastrous, writes the FT. As a result stock prices and bonds began to rise, and the yield of Federal bonds has been high since the crisis of 2008-2009, reaching 31,85%.

The publication notes that high government bond yields Ukraine and Greece continue to face severe economic problems, and their stock shares are traded at a record low. The Russian MICEX index, on the contrary, climbed by 23%.

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