Gennady Timchenko has increased its share in Bank “Russia”

Moscow. December 24. The company “Transoil CIS” Gennady Timchenko has increased its shareholding in the Bank “Russia” from 9% to 10.2%, follows from materials of the credit institution.

The representative Timchenko’s holding company “Volga group” Anton Corewin confirmed, refusing to comment on the question of who had acquired shares (additional issue the Bank recently placed).

There was an increased proportion in equity of the company “Acceptance” Michael Shelomova: now it is 6.1% versus 4.4% as of August of this year. Taking into account another company Shelomova, “platinum”, its total share in the Bank now equal to 8.4%.

Based on relevant information about the shares of other shareholders, part of their packages could sell structure the owners of the Bank “Finservice” Ivan Mironov and Tatiana Svitovoi. Previously their “Overpass-invest” and “Oberon estate” in the amount of owned 14.2% of the voting shares of the Bank “Rossiya”, they now have about 11.4%.

The controlling stake in Bank Rossiya, under U.S. sanctions, controls the “ABR Management”, which transferred their shares to Yuri Kovalchuk (39.8% of the votes), Nikolay Shamalov (10,2%) and “platinum” Shelomova (2,27%). Alexey Mordashov through “Severgroup” owns 5.8% of the vote.