Kosachev: some NGOs can be excluded from the “Patriotic stop-list”

Kosachev: some NGOs can be excluded from the “Patriotic stop-list”

MOSCOW, December 24. The head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev does not exclude that a number of NGOs can be excluded from the “Patriotic stop-list” and some of his helpers – included in the register of undesirable organizations.

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“On revealing details, I can say that for the remaining (organizations listed in the stop-list, but did not receive the status of unwanted organizations – approx.) extensive work is carried out, and a number of these there is reason to believe that a similar procedure will be applied, i.e. the inclusion in the register of unwanted organizations,” he told journalists.

“And in some organizations of “Patriotic stop-list”, on the contrary, our concerns are not confirmed, and it is possible that these organizations also will be announced the relevant decisions”, – said Kosachev.

“At this meeting, the three committees discussed the work of the agencies on that list, which was formulated by the Council of the Federation (“the Patriotic stop-list”). No additional proposals to expand this list as part of the meeting was not discussed,” – said Kosachev also.

The Senator stressed that proposals to expand “the Patriotic stop-list” is received. “They go to the relevant departments, proceed from the deputies of the State Duma and Federation Council members, representatives of ministries and departments, civil society organizations and individual citizens, i.e. initiatives to enable to the attention of the authorities, which under Russian law is authorized to make appropriate decisions, more than enough, but again, it wasn’t a consideration at this meeting today,” said Kosachev.

“Patriotic stop-list”

On 24 June the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs said that “Russia should create its own list intervening in our Affairs foreign non-governmental organizations, a kind of Patriotic stop-list”.

According to the Senator, after a series of coups d’├ętat (Georgia, Ukraine), and regime change, with the loyal “Americans and their allies did not hide the fact that we, Russia, following”. For this purpose, stressed Kosachev, used all means, including “unwinding the themes of rights and freedoms in Russia, to raise the people against their government”.

Among the “missionaries” of this activity he called “the Soros Foundation”, the national endowment for democracy and other organizations, whose funding, according to Kosachev, has grown from 37 billion rubles in 2013 to 70 billion rubles in 2014. “There are many NGOs that are doing good things, but these figures are not about them,” said the Senator. He was confident that external actors “should be controlled through effective control, to avoid another collapse, and thus the defeat of the country and nation”.

“Actually, how do these foreign players at home,” – said Kosachev.

At the beginning of July 2015, the Council of the Federation included in the “Patriotic stop-list” of 12 organizations – the Soros Foundation, national endowment for democracy, international Republican Institute, national democratic Institute for international Affairs, the MacArthur Foundation, Freedom House, Foundation Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Foundation “Education for democracy”, East European democratic centre, the Ukrainian world Congress, Ukrainian world coordinating Council, the Crimean field mission on human rights.

After that the Federation Council has sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General, Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of justice to consider the issue on inclusion of these organizations in the list of undesirable.

“Junk organization”

The law on “undesirable organizations” was adopted in the spring of this year.

According to the legislation, “junk organization” can be recognized as foreign or international, but only non-governmental organization, “threatening the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation, the country’s defense and state security”.

The decision on recognizing an organization as undesirable is accepted by the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation or his deputies in consultation with the foreign Ministry. In the same order, the solution can be cancelled. The list of “undesirable organizations” will maintain and publish the Ministry of justice.

“Undesirable organizations” it is forbidden to create structures on the territory of the Russian Federation, to distribute their information materials, conduct of operations with monetary funds or other assets with its credit and non-credit financial institutions.

Currently the list of such organizations, available on the official website of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation, meaning “the national endowment for democracy”, Foundation open society “Soros Foundation”, open Society Institute Assistance Foundation and “American-Russian Fund on economic and legal development”.