Mechel, Polyus gold and ALROSA claimed more than 30 billion rubles from the Russian budget

MOSCOW, December 24. Without the final settlement with the debt of “Mechel” the budgetary allocation is not possible. About it reported during meeting of the governmental sub-Commission Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev.

According to him, today the company has made progress in negotiations with creditors, but no final agreement yet.

On Thursday, the governmental sub-Commission is considering six projects, including the project of “Mechel” on the construction of Elga coal Deposit in Yakutia.

30 billion rubles of budget funds for projects in the far East

According to the materials prepared for the meeting of the government Subcommission, Mechel, Polyus Gold and ALROSA claimed more than 30 billion rubles of budgetary funds for the development of their projects in the far East.

In particular, Mechel claimed by 10.66 billion rubles from the budget for the construction of Elga coal Deposit. While private investment on this project is planned at the level of 204.8 billion rubles.

Also Mechel claims of 1.63 billion rubles from the budget for the reconstruction of the port of Posyet. Private investment is estimated at 6,44 billion rubles.

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Polyus Gold is necessary 9.95 billion rubles from the budget for the construction of the mine at the Natalka gold Deposit. Private investment for the project is 88,56 billion rubles, including 45 billion roubles have already been invested.

ALROSA claims to 8,53 billion roubles from the budget for development of the upper Muna ore field. Private investments are estimated at 63 billion rubles.

In addition, a governmental sub-Commission will consider two more projects – the construction of a brewery plant in the Kamchatka region (1.1 billion rubles – private investments, was 0.07 billion rubles from the budget), as well as the development of pig breeding in the Kamchatka territory (of 1.85 billion rubles – private investment of 0.16 billion rubles – the budget). The brewery is scheduled to full capacity in 2016, the development of pig – in 2019.

Overall, six projects under consideration by the Subcommission, require more than 365,7 billion rubles of private investment and about 31 billion rubles from the budget for infrastructure development.