Putin called the most important task of the Cabinet to return the country to sustainable growth

MOSCOW, December 24. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the most important task of the Cabinet to return the country to sustainable growth.

At the government meeting the head of state said that the business relies on various mechanisms that increase the efficiency of the economy, so it is important to continue to deal with them.

“The most important task of the government is to return the Russian economy to a sustainable growth rate,” said Putin, Recalling that talked about it in the Message to the Federal Assembly. According to him, “you need to be prepared for the fact that the period of low prices for raw materials and for our main export goods, and, possibly, external limitations may be delayed”.

Need to get results based on available, current difficulties should serve as an incentive to improve the efficiency of the economy and social sphere

Vladimir Putin

He listed the key trends upcoming in 2016 the government. As a first task, the President called a “balanced budget policy”. “We have huge underutilized reserves of both income and expenses”, – said Putin. He gave figures for 2015 by inefficient spending of the Federal budget on budget investments, public procurement, financing of assignments, which amount to about 220 billion rubles.

The period of low prices for raw materials and external constraints can be tightened, said the Russian leader.

Putin urged to use all available mechanisms to contain the growth of prices

The Russian leader urged to use all available mechanisms to contain the growth of prices.

Today is not reasonable, frankly speculative increase in the cost of products, goods and services leads to a decline in living standards of people. You need to use all available market tools to curb the growth of prices, to expand the share of inexpensive but high quality domestic goods

Vladimir Putin

The President also noted that there should be a clear, uninterrupted implementation of plans to support industries that were at risk.

“We have also repeatedly said, the President said. Is the automotive industry, railway engineering, light industry, construction industry”.

The President also urged special attention be paid to modernization of housing and communal services and to ensure accurate fulfillment of earlier adopted decisions. In the social sphere, according to him, the main priority should be the transition to a more fair system, when help is primarily given to those people who really need it.

Inefficient budget expenditures in 2015 are estimated at 220 billion roubles

Putin instructed the government to analyze the situation with an inefficient expenditure of budgetary funds.

At a meeting with members of the Cabinet, the President said, is one of the key directions of their future work to achieve a balanced budget policy. “We have huge underutilized reserves – both in terms of income and expenses”, – he said.

The President reminded about the data of the accounting chamber, according to which “by the end of this year, the volume of inefficient expenses of the Federal budget in several areas, such as budget investment, government procurement, financing of state assignment is about 220 billion rubles.” “Increasing the debt of the Federal budget on obligatory payments, and the volume of pending at the same time the construction is infrastructure, social and other objects – is almost 2 trillion rubles,” – added the President. He also cited the low level of budget implementation until the end of the year.

“Please, dear colleagues, to analyse these issues and problems, and in the near future to report on the measures taken at one of our meetings,” said the President to the government.

Cabinet need to be “agile”

Presidentthe thanked the government for the work done in the past 2015.
“I want to thank the government of the Russian Federation, ministries and departments, all of your employees for active work”, – appealed to the members of the Cabinet of Ministers the head of state.

According to him, “in a difficult situation (government employees) have demonstrated a high level of responsibility and ability to solve complex problems”.

Putin believes that “thanks to the implementation of anti-crisis plan was able to support the real sector of the economy, to strengthen confidence in the banking system”. “There is obvious evidence to this effect, the evidence – namely, the confidence of the people, which is reflected in the growth of savings and entities, and physical persons”, – said the President.

Of course, there are many issues need to be just, frankly, parastrophe. Familiar with heavy machines. I told you that you need to cancel the transport tax, it could help people out of the shadows, at the same time maintain the income that families provide. Mean the possibility of transition to the patent system

Vladimir Putin

He recalled that “running the program of import substitution”. According to the head of the state, this is important in itself, but “more important, it should lead to technological renewal of production, to stimulate exports.” “Active mechanisms of project financing – industrial development Foundation, the Russian centre of export”, – Putin has listed.

Putin generally satisfied with the work of the government, but urged to act “quick”.