Putin: the Cabinet could be quick in the abolition of the vehicle tax

It was necessary promptly to cancel the transport tax to help people out of the shadows, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin meeting with the Cabinet. He added that the government on many issues need to be quick.

MOSCOW, 24 Dec. The government was quick to take the decision to cancel the transport tax, the President said Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the Cabinet.

“Of course, there are many issues need to be just, frankly, quick. Here is a known issue with heavy machines. We spoke with you that we need to cancel the transport tax, it would be possible to help people to emerge from the shadows and at the same time maintain the income that families provide. Mean the possibility of transition to the patent system, as I have already said. There are other situations in which you need to act more quickly,” Putin said.

Speaking earlier at the large annual press conference, the President said that he expects the government early next year to endorse the amendments on the abolition of the transport tax for cars cargo capacity over 12 tons, since the owners are from November 15, will be charged tolls on Federal highways.