Putin urged to use all market instruments to curb price growth

Moscow. December 24. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared it is Necessary to use all possible market mechanisms to curb price growth in the country, said President Vladimir Putin on Thursday at a meeting with members of the government.

“Today, unfounded, frankly, the speculative increase in the cost of products, goods and services leads to a decline in living standards of people. You must use all available market tools to curb the growth of prices, to expand the share of inexpensive but high quality domestic products,” he said.

According to Rosstat, in the week from 15 to 21 December, inflation was 0.2% third time in a row. For three weeks, the inflation equaled to 0.1%, while earlier for five consecutive weeks prices had gained 0.2%.

Since the beginning of the month, the price growth amounted to 21 December of 0.6%, YTD to 12.7%.