Putin will take part in the final meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers

MOSCOW, December 24. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, according to tradition, will participate in the final meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

As said press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the President will visit government House at around noon. “The Cabinet will congratulate happy New year”, – said the representative of the Kremlin, adding that it does not exclude the discussion of topical issues of the socio-economic agenda.

The results of the year and work plans

Throughout the year, Putin has worked closely with the government. Meetings with Ministers were held on a weekly basis. As part of these activities, the President received all the operational information about the state of Affairs, in the same format produced many of the key decisions.

In the end, as he confessed, the Russian leader during a press conference, the work of the Cabinet this year, despite the difficult economic situation and a difficult foreign policy situation was quite satisfactory. “Of course, you can and should do better, – Putin said. – At the beginning of last year was prepared and launched anti-crisis plan. Analysis just what has been done, suggests that 35% is more than one third – planned actions in the plan, unfortunately, has not yet been implemented. And this suggests that administrative efforts, organizational efforts in various directions in various ministries, departments, of course, made enough to promptly, timely and accurately respond to the challenges that we face. But overall, I repeat that the government strategically is making the right steps and act effectively”.

As problems and challenges for the government Putin has called the implementation of the system “Platon”, which provides for paid the passage of heavy vehicles on Federal highways. “We have some things to finalize it,” he said. One of these “improvements”, which will deal with the government, would be the abolition of vehicle tax for heavy trucks.

“We talked about the fact that in moving to this system may be cancelled the transport tax. Not canceled, by the way, at the urging of regional leaders, because the transport tax goes to the regional budget. But at least for heavy vehicles, which must pay for mileage, it has to be done. I hope that the government very soon, early in the year it will make,” said the head of state. Putin also invited the Ministers to arrange the order of acquisition of patents truckers.

Despite several critical remarks about the quality and timeliness of taken measures, the President emphasized that it is very gentle to people and, in principle, opposed to “personnel reshuffle”, including in the government. “Personnel reshuffle, as a rule, do not need, interfere with it. And if something someone does not work, for which I’m responsible, I believe that there is my fault. Therefore, no changes, substantial in any case, is not expected”, – promised the head of state, noting that with the government working to make its structure and work the most effective on the most sensitive areas in the economy, in social sphere. The decision to abolish the Ministry for development of Crimea was one of these.

Government house

The meeting of the President with the government will be held in the Great hall of the negotiations on the fifth floor, where the boardroom and the office of the Prime Minister. During the final meetings with the government, the President, by tradition, took the chair in the middle of the long side of the U-shaped table, but the Prime Minister is near, at the right hand of the head of state. To the left of the Putin – chair of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

However, Putin has his own office and in the governmental residence, which is located on the third floor, next door to the press centre. It happens rarely, only on special occasions. However, setting goals for the near future and the congratulations of the Ministers with the New year just such an occasion. As previously stated one of the representatives of the government, “the presidential office is always maintained in proper working order, periodically clean, airing, to keep order and watered the flowers”. The office of the head of state in the House of government is virtually no different from the office of the Prime Minister. “They are very similar and size, and furniture, and the layout of the rooms – only in mirror image,” – said the Agency interlocutor. In the office of the head of state has a recreation room, a table for bilateral meetings and a large conference table.

Their own offices at the government House have each member of the Cabinet of Ministers. However, as a rule, they are more likely to work only the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and employees of the government, because the Federal Ministers prefer to work matters in private offices located in the buildings of the respective ministries.