Rosstat: the cost of new year’s table of Russians for the year increased by 12.6%

Rosstat: the cost of new year’s table of Russians for the year increased by 12.6%

MOSCOW, December 24. The cost of a set of products for the new year table in Russia for 11 months (December 2014 to November 2015) increased by 12.6%. This was announced at a press conference the Deputy head of Rosstat George oxenoid.

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According to Rosstat, the cost of a set of products for the new year table in Russia (based on family of four) in November amounted to 5.17 thousand, which is 12.6% more than in December 2014. “Festive table has risen in step with the growth of food prices,” – commented the Deputy head of Rosstat.

The most significant increase in prices from the new year collection of products showed oranges (they rose by 48%), canned fish (28,4%), pickled cucumbers and green peas (27%), mayonnaise (28%) and chocolate candy (24,%). At the same time, over the past year fell potatoes (26.8%), tomatoes (1.7%) and chicken meat (up 1.4%).

In Moscow the cost of a Christmas food basket grew by 13.9%, in St. Petersburg by 16.1%. The maximum value of the set of products for a festive table recorded in the Chukotka Autonomous district and is 7.28 thousand rubles.

The cost of a set of products for preparation of salad “Olivier” for the same period rose by 15.5% to RUB 300,74 the Cost of a set of products for preparation of salad “Herring under a fur coat” has increased over 11 months by 21.8% to RUB 146,16

The average cost of Russians on holiday are rising from year to year

According to the data announced by the General Director of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) Valery Fyodorov, the Russians are willing to spend on New year celebration, on average, 11.9 thousand roubles to 3 thousand. more than a year ago.

“The average cost for the celebration is growing from year to year, with respect to 2014, the increase in the current year was more than significant: total estimated spending is 11 884 rubles, which is 38% larger than last year’s projected expenditure (8 628 rubles)”, – he told journalists.

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Fedorov said that about 4 thousand rubles, the Russians plan to spend on gifts for loved ones and for your festive table. On a Christmas tree tours and trips to the restaurants lay 3,6 thousand rbl.

Significant changes, according to the sociologist, has undergone the expectations of Russians gifts. “These changes are not very funny. This year we began to plan less and give less expect to get,” he said.

So, if last year 35% of respondents planned to give friends and family gifts, now their share dropped to 28%. Also slightly decreased the number of those who would give candy, gourmet food, alcohol, toys. From 23% to 15% decreased the percentage of Russians who will buy as a present cosmetics, perfumes and jewelry.

In this case, from 5% to 6% increase in the number of those who will bring household appliances with 1% to 2% – cameras, TVs and other electronics.

To receive a gift I want money 11%, 7% – Souvenirs. At the same time increased the number of those who wants to receive a gift car (from 4% to 7%). Candy, cosmetics and jewelry expect on average a few percent less people.

The Russians will meet New year at home

According to research VTSIOM, the overwhelming majority of Russians will meet New year at home, will go abroad only 1% of the population of the Russian Federation.

“The tradition of the New year we practically don’t change, it’s a family holiday. 77% plan to celebrate the New year at home,” said Fedorov journalists.

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He noted that every tenth inhabitant of Russia (11%) will go to visit. In the restaurant or the club is going to go 2% of the respondents. Cottages and country houses as the venue of the New year called, respectively, 2% and 1% of respondents.

“About plans for a trip abroad said 1%. And 3% of respondents admitted that they did not intend to celebrate in 2016,” – said Fedorov.

According to the results of the opinion poll, 41% of Russians are optimistic about in 2016. 43% “do not feel neither grief nor joy”, while 14% admit to not expect anything good.

While 52% of respondents called the outgoing year successful and good for himself and his family (vs. 59% in 2014). 47% said they had more difficulties than joys. Since last year this indicator has grown on 8%.

The initiative Russian opinion poll conducted on December 19-20. Were interviewed 1,6 thousand people in 130 populated localities in 46 regions, territories and republics of Russia. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%.