Russia began exporting hay to North Korea

Moscow. December 24. Russia began exporting hay to North Korea, follows from a press release “the First cargo company” (FCC) and customs statistics.

“In November, the Vladivostok branch of JSC “freight one” for the first time carried a 528 tons of hay seaside on the far Eastern railway (far) to address the Korean agricultural company. In the first carriage of the consignment involved 24 Bolshakova covered wagon property FO”, – stated in a press release the carrier.

It is noted that the consignment was from the metro Sibirtsevo (Primorsky Krai) through the border crossing Hassan-export and on to Pyongyang.

“In the future, the Vladivostok branch of planning the transportation of hay in the DPRK not only in the range of 1520, but to the final destination by moving wagons of freight one truck on narrow gauge 1435 mm”, – stated in the message.

Export hay is not a new article of export to the Russian Federation: according to the statistics of the FCS, Russia’s exports of hay, clover, forage Kale and similar forage crops in many countries, including France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus. In 2015, the number of export destinations have been Hong Kong, Italy, Hungary, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, but in the customs statistics hay has one product code, along with other forage crops, including granulated, therefore, be argued that in these countries the Russian Federation began to export the hay.

North Korea in the second half of the XX century, carried out large-scale deforestation, leading to soil degradation. Published on the Internet pictures of the rural areas of the country indicate a small quantity suitable for agricultural cultivation.