The airline “Transaero” has challenged in arbitration the Federal air transport Agency review of operator’s certificate

MOSCOW, December 24. The airline “Transaero” has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow the statement for recognition invalid the order of Federal Agency of air transport (Rosaviatsia) revocation of operator’s certificate. It follows from the materials of a card file of arbitration Affairs.

The court clarified that this claim was accepted for production on 21 December. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 27 January 2016.

Rosaviatsia has deprived Transaero aircraft operator’s certificate from the end of October due to the deteriorating financial and economic condition and key performance indicators affecting the safety and rights of consumers. Passengers “Transaero” transported “Aeroflot”, from October 1 till the time the certificate was executed operational control over “Transaero”.