The audit chamber has begun check “Rosnano”

Moscow. December 24. The Russian audit chamber has begun check of activity of JSC “RUSNANO” on the use of funds attracted under the state guarantees of the Russian Federation in 2010-2015, write “Izvestia”.

The review started in December, but the auditors carefully check the company not only because of the recent statements of the head “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais, but also in connection with previous criminal cases that were initiated after verification of the JV in 2013, told the newspaper in the audit Department.

“The check is less than a month, started in December of this year. In the spring of next year, most likely, will have before it the report” – said the SP, adding that the check is in the use of funds attracted under state guarantees from 2010 to 2015.

The newspaper notes that in 2013, the audit chamber had already carried out an inspection of RUSNANO, then the auditor JV Sergey Agaptsov revealed serious violations in the activities of state-owned companies, which resulted in criminal cases against top managers of the organization.

In the autumn of this year, the government issued “Rosnano” the state guarantees 70 billion. From 2016 to 2020, the company may receive more than 50 billion rubles of subsidies in the framework of state support for nanoindustry, specify “Izvestia”.

On Wednesday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has instructed to conduct an audit and submit to the Board of Directors of JSC “Rosnano” the data substantiating the decision on payment of bonuses to the employees of the company and to check the sources of financing for new year corporate.

As previously reported by the media, speaking at the new year party, the head of “Rosnano” Chubais said, “we Have a lot of money.”

“They are just here quite a lot, – continued the head of the Corporation. And that is why we have the opportunity not just to “roll over” a lot of money, but also to invest in our long-term strategy”. The head of RUSNANO said that the employees will be paid an additional premium.

Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, commenting on these statements to journalists on Wednesday, said that it would be wrong for the leadership of state-owned companies to pay high bonuses to its employees in the current economic situation.

“I think this is wrong behavior, because we have to adjust their capabilities,” – said Golodets.

In turn, the state Corporation “RUSNANO” has explained that, speaking of big money, Chubais was referring to the company’s success in attracting investments.

Previously project Manager of the all-Russian people’s front “For fair procurement” Anton Guetta announced that the onf is going to send a request to RUSNANO, to see whether there had been new year events in the company at the expense of budgetary funds. “We hope that loud new year party “RUSNANO” was celebrated not for the state money. In the past, state-owned companies not just get on pencil our activists, but recently, after Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the inadmissibility of celebration for the state account, they diminished their appetites,” said Guetta.

For its part, the press service of the company said Wednesday that the Board “RUSNANO” paid corporate employees from personal funds.

“The members of the boards of the Fund for infrastructure and educational programs RUSNANO and the management company “Rosnano” has decided to pay a new year’s party for employees of the Group of “RUSNANO” from personal funds”, – said the press service.