The electricity on the festive lights in the U.S. exceeded its annual expenditure in Ethiopia

Moscow. December 24. Americans spend on Christmas lights and holiday lighting houses more electricity than some countries spend for the entire year, reports the BBC.

Researchers at the Center for global development estimates that holiday lighting in the U.S. consumes more than 6.6 billion kWh.h – the same number each year is spent, for example, Ethiopia (5.3 billion kW.h), Tanzania (4,81 billion kWh.h) or El Salvador (5,35 billion kWh.h).

According to the researchers, they are not calling on Americans to abandon Christmas lights that traditionally adorn houses, trees, fences. The aim of the study was to emphasize the difference in electricity consumption between poor and rich countries.

The scientists added that the cost of electricity for holiday lighting accounted for only 0.2% of the annual energy consumption of the USA.