The Finance Ministry next year will release a trial OFZ for the population

Moscow. December 24. The volume of supply of bonds (OFZ) for the population in the long term can be increased if the success of the trial issues, said the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at session of the government.

“Next year we envisage to start the issue of bonds to the public. Will hold the trial editions. If demand is sufficient, we will expand this tool,” he said.

He also said that the amount of funds attracted to the state budget through the government securities in 2016 will amount to 1,002 trillion rubles, the volume of redemption of government bonds – 702 billion. “Net borrowing next year will be 300 billion rubles. We need to attract 1,002 trillion, to repay 702 billion rubles,” – said Siluanov.

The Minister recalled that this year the net borrowing amounted to 80 billion rubles.

Also in 2016 it is planned the exchange of OFZs worth up to 200 billion roubles at the price of 100% of the nominal value. “The volume of borrowing from the internal capital market within the framework of the program execution excluding the exchange of bonds will amount to 802 billion rubles”, – said the Minister. The volume of issue of state securities, required to complete the program, at the offering price of the bonds at a level of about 94.4% of the nominal value will be 849,2 billion. “Thus, the total maximum amount will be 1 trillion to 49.2 billion rubles, including 200 billion roubles of OFZ exchange”, – said Siluanov.

The upper limit of the national debt $ 8.8 trillion roubles and will not be exceeded.

The Finance Ministry plans to use in 2016 tools, which work well in the current year and Federal loan bonds linked to inflation, OFZ bonds with a floating coupon. Two of these tools, said Anton Siluanov, have been very popular with investors this year.

The volume of external loans of the Russian Federation next year will be to $3 billion.