The government has authorized several companies to employ Turkish citizens

Moscow. December 24. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree defining the list of Russian companies, which would not extend the prohibition of employment of Turkish citizens.

“Taking these decisions, we relied on the suggestions of interested ministries and regions, while all others will not be able to recruit citizens of Turkey,” – Medvedev said at a government meeting.

Earlier, first Deputy labor Minister Alexei Vovchenko reported that his Department has made to the government a list of companies authorized to employ Turkish nationals in 2016. He did not specify how many items in the list, referring to the fact that he was “not final” and can be further augmented.

According to a governmental decree, under the ban on raising to 1 January 2016 workers from Turkey there are two exceptions.

The first exception is an individual the government-approved list of employers, which involved the labour Ministry on the basis of proposals of the regional authorities.

The second exception is the right of employers not included in the government-approved list, enter into, renew, extend the term of the employment or civil agreements with the Turkish citizens who work legally in Russia as at 31 December 2015.

Earlier, labor Minister Maxim Topilin stated that employers wishing to 2016 to attract new specialists from Turkey, must submit appropriate requests to the authorities in their region. The regions, in accordance with the instructions of the Russian government, 7 shall submit to the Ministry a proposal on bringing in their territory of new specialists from Turkey, agreed with the Federal agencies.