“The messenger” by the end of 2015 will reduce the number of stores by 9%

Moscow. December 24. The number of salons retailer Svyaznoy by the end of 2015 will decrease by 9%, to 2.82 thousand stores, said a company representative.

“The current number of offline stores for us optimally – it allows to maintain the desired level of sales and to contact with 80% of the economically active population of the country,” he said, adding that the retailer closes the least profitable point of sales.

266 closing stores this year has saved the retailer 2.5 billion in rentals, collections, maintenance and other costs of retail outlets, says the “Liaison”. In 2016 the company plans to keep the number of salons at the end of 2015.

Currently, the retailer is focused on the development of online sales. The share of this channel in trade “Liaison” currently is 25%. By the end of 2014 the retailer’s turnover from online sales was 22 billion rubles (23% of total revenue from the sale of goods). In the next 2-2. 5 years the share of Internet sales can reach 35%, predicts “the Messenger”.

The company notes that replaces the reduction in physical retail Omni-channel sales. In particular, this year, sales through electronic catalogs, installed 1.5 thousand stores in the 9 months grew by 45% yoy, to 3 billion rubles.

At the same time completely put the business online the company has no plans – more than 50% of its gross profit accounted for services, including contracts for sale of mobile operators.

The number of salons “Coherent” declined for the second year in a row. By the end of 2014, the company had 3,086 thousand points is 8% lower than a year earlier.