The ruble rose slightly against the dollar and Euro on Thursday morning

Moscow. December 24. The ruble rose slightly against the dollar and the Euro at the opening of trading Thursday on the Moscow stock exchange, continuing to play the rising oil prices.

The first transactions in us dollar were held on Thursday in the widely – 69,56-70,38 ruble, on average, two minutes the rate was 69,67 ruble (-13 kopecks to the previous closing mark). The Euro in early trading was worth 76,15 rubles/EUR1 (-3 kopeks). The bi-currency basket amounted to $ 72,585 ruble (-8,5 kopeks).

The dollar was at 1,26 rubles below the current official rate, Euro 1.39 rubles below the official rate. Both currencies have updated the lows since December 11.

The day before the dollar has lost 1,43 roubles, Euro 1,87 RUB, this became the most substantial decline with currencies on November 16.

The ruble strengthened against the background of rising prices of oil, experts say. Oil supports Russian currency and in the morning on Thursday. On Wednesday oil prices rose more than 5% on OPEC forecast implies a rise in the prices of the oil cartel up to $80 per barrel by 2020, as well as data on the reduction of inventory in the U.S. at 6 million barrels. Due to the increase in prices of index oil and gas companies jumped more than 4%. On Thursday morning Brent crude is quoted at around $37,6 per barrel.